Alberta Lab

Joanna Cathcart

Sample Preparation and Planting Supervisor & Germination Analyst



Joanna Cathcart is an accredited Germination Analyst and is celebrating 17 years at 20/20 Seed Labs. She grew up in a small rural farming community in southern Ontario and helped on the farm from a young age. Joanna was always interested in pursuing an education and career in agriculture. She held various agricultural research positions throughout university and after graduation. In 2003, Joanna and her husband moved from Ontario to Alberta. 

Joanna exhibits a passion for the work that she does, especially knowing that it is a valuable service both to the independent farmers and larger corporations.  She enjoys continuing to work with seed and being involved in something that is integral to her family and what she loves. Joanna enjoys spending time with her two daughters and volunteering with their extracurricular activities.