Alberta Lab

Abhinandan Kumar

Molecular Business Development Manager


Abhi (002)

Abhinandan Kumar brings extensive experience in agricultural biotechnology to his role as the Molecular Business Development Manager. He started his education with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from India, followed by a Master’s degree in Agricultural Biotechnology. Abhinandan worked on engineering the Bt gene in the Indica rice varieties to confer tolerance against stem insect borers. He also researched salt stress physiology in tomato plants and obtained a Master’s degree from Dalhousie University (Agriculture campus) during 2011-2014. Abhinandan joined the University of Calgary in 2015 for his Ph.D. and investigated the intricate details of self-incompatibility responses in canola.

His inspiration to work in agriculture stems from his love for basic and applied research in plant biology over the years. “Agriculture is a highly dynamic and ever-evolving science. Unlike decades ago, modern agriculture is the new face of the planet. I love to be a part of it and contribute some valuable changes to present-day agriculture.”